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ZDS Phone Control Tip: The Importance Of A Warm Transfer


Nothing is more frustrating for a caller than to be transferred to the wrong person or department. A good phone process sets the tone for your dealership and shapes the caller’s perspectives of how it is to do business with you...easy or difficult. Taking customer service a step further, placing a caller into a queue or directly to voice mail if an agent is not available, without so much as a warning to the caller, is not desirable.

A blind transfer, or when the receptionist transfers the caller to the sales agent without speaking to that agent first, is not a good outcome as well. Avoid blind transfers and instead adopt the practice of a warm transfer whenever possible. This will make a world of difference to your callers in the following ways.

In a warm transfer, the receptionist speaks with the sales agent before the call is transferred. The receptionist is able to to give background information before transferring the call. A warm transfer is almost always the best choice for transferring a call for many reasons:

  • The receptionist can make sure the salesperson is available
  • The receptionist can pass along the information like the name of the caller and the RV they’re interested in, prepping the sales rep for a great and personal greeting
  • The receptionist can find an alternative sales person to help the caller

And as lesser alternatives:

  • The receptionist can prepare the caller for a possibility of a voice mail
  • The receptionist can take a message or,
  • The receptionist can offer to text or email the rep the caller asked for

A warm transfer will allow the sales person to have a great greeting ready for the customer, because he or she will know who is calling and why. The sales rep also has an opportunity to pull up any information he/she might need. This makes a world of difference in terms of customer service.

The warm transfer technique goes a long way to build a positive reputation for your dealership. Every phone call to your dealership is not only an opportunity for revenue but a chance to build a brand that reflects exceptional quality standards and top-notch customer service.

If your dealership is struggling on the phones and needs to take more control, let us know and we'd be happy to help.

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