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ZDS Phone Control Tip: Be Proactive on Status Updates in the Service Department


The sound of the phones ringing can be music to a dealership’s “ears.” However, issues handling high volume of calls to your service department can negatively impact your business and ultimately drive the customer to a competitor not only for service, but for their next RV purchase as well.

You should always keep an eye out on the pattern of calls throughout the day and implement a staffing strategy to effectively handle call spikes which usually occur between 1pm - 4pm. Routing calls during this peak period and having adequate staff is truly a problem for a lot of service departments. Hence, building a proactive “status update” process will significantly improve customer satisfaction and help alleviate call routing and high volume problems.

Schedule a Status Update Callback at the Time of the Appointment or Write Up

Being proactive here means letting the customer know that the service department will be calling back at a specific time to let them know what’s going on with the repair or service. Schedule a call or a text at RO/Service write up to provide status to the customer. Make sure you set a reminder for yourself.

  • Obtain the best number to reach them, ask for a “back up” number if available
  • Get permission to text if they’d prefer this method of communication
  • Schedule a specific time to get back to them (let them know you will leave a voice mail or text them if they’re not able to answer)

With this simple procedure in place, your service department will see a drastic drop in the “status update” calls which can negatively impact your CSI score. However, your customer satisfaction is bound to go up. Customers will truly appreciate this.

The average issue with the phones comes from a lack of process and a lack of training. Setting up a time to give the customer a status update before they feel they need to call you and enforcing the process with staff is part of gaining phone control. Oftentimes, during high call volume spikes the rate of appointments set decreases while the rate of callers who do not connect with agents increases. Both are not good, that goes without saying. Get back on track with this ZDS Phone Control Tip.

If you’d like to know more how Zenith Dealer Solutions can help you gain zen-like mastery of the phones in your dealership, drop us a line today.

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