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Don't Get Eliminated On The Phone Call

Studies show that while shopping for a boat, customers will visit an average of ten websites. They will then select several (about seven) dealerships to call and visit maybe two at most. Most customers will visit only one dealership before making the decision to purchase. With all the competition out there, getting chosen as that one dealership is becoming harder and harder.

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Not All Calls Are Created Equally

The Calling Pain Point

I called a dealership three weeks ago because their marketing efforts worked and reached my email inbox. I’m in the market for a Ranger Fisherman 621FS. I was offered a great model with the engine I want, and a low monthly payment. I called and the receptionist told me the sales person I asked for was not available. I left a message saying I’m interested in a Ranger bass boat. "I have an older boat now that I’m thinking of selling, and please have the sales person call me back." I said.

Can you predict the alarm bells going off soon? The sales person never called me back. I left my number, name and a good time to call...Was my call worthless to this person? You know that I called another dealership afterwards. You know that I found someone else to help me. I did not call this person for a status check on a repair. I did not call about a warranty issue. I called and gave a clear indication that I wanted to buy!

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The Resource for Dealers to Convert More Phone Leads

Welcome to the Zenith Dealer Solutions Blog.

Technology has changed the way dealers engage customers. Specifically, smartphones have made it easier than ever for consumers to shop directly from their phones. Every call or text is chance to make a sale or continue satisfying existing customers. Ready to never lose a lead again? Take control of your phones. Let Zenith Dealer Solutions leading plaform do the work for you and focus on your business as sales increase like never before. 

This blog will serve as your guide for the most current topics and trends that are important to dealers just like yours who use Zenith Dealer Solutions.


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