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CallerCX R5 Strategy

Boat dealerships deploying the R5 strategy to ensure a great caller experience understand that you have to operate in an omni channel environment. We work in an always-on world where there is no “call or text us” offering. We all call and text and any limits we try to place on these options erodes the customer’s experience. The R5 strategy works not because of today’s great communication technologies but because of dealers’ commitments to transferring knowledge from your business to your customers in the most enjoyable and efficient manner possible.  Your commitment to your customer communications drives your success.

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Boat Sales Department Scheduling for the Phone

How to Schedule Shift-Based Sales Associates to Create a Wonderful Callers' Experience & Improve Worker Satisfaction

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Responding to Caller Concerns With Empathy - The Empathy Series (Part 2)

In our the first installment of our “Empathy Series” we recapped an actual caller scenario: “I’m interested in the 2019 Nitro Z19 and Frank was supposed to call me back yesterday, but I still haven’t heard from him.”

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Why Your Marine Dealership Needs Empathy - The Empathy Series (Part 1)

Empathy is the ability to understand the point of view and feelings of another — to walk the proverbial mile in someone else’s shoes. Empathy is one of those attributes that gets a lot of “buzz” but remains an abstract concept when translating to the business world. Consider how many interactions you’ve personally experienced as a customer where you felt like the employee really connected with you, are those experiences the exception or the rule? Alternatively, think about how great you feel when you do have an interaction where an employee takes the time to really understand and connect with you. Empathy is a critical skill for satisfying the needs of customers and remains one of the most difficult to master and apply in real world scenarios.

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Phone Calls: To Script Or Not To Script?

Your marine dealership is comprised of employees with different strengths, knowledge base, and skill levels. The dynamics of varying ability and experience is one reason why some dealers employ scripts within their phone handling processes.

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The Power of Voice

Have you ever heard the saying, ''It's not what you say; it's how you say it?'' It basically means that regardless of the words you choose, the way you deliver them is far more important.

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Attributes of Employees Who Delight Callers

At the core of every employee interaction over the phone is the caller’s desire for a great experience. Those experiences are driven by the actions, behaviors, and skill sets of employees on the other side of the phone. Your front-line has the greatest impact on overall caller satisfaction so ensure that you are putting the right employees in the right roles. Anyone who is making and taking phone calls at your dealership should be prepared to handle those calls in a manner that results in a great experience for the caller.

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