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Not All Calls Are Created Equally

The Calling Pain Point

I called a dealership three weeks ago because their marketing efforts worked and reached my email inbox. I’m in the market for a Ranger Fisherman 621FS. I was offered a great model with the engine I want, and a low monthly payment. I called and the receptionist told me the sales person I asked for was not available. I left a message saying I’m interested in a Ranger bass boat. "I have an older boat now that I’m thinking of selling, and please have the sales person call me back." I said.

Can you predict the alarm bells going off soon? The sales person never called me back. I left my number, name and a good time to call...Was my call worthless to this person? You know that I called another dealership afterwards. You know that I found someone else to help me. I did not call this person for a status check on a repair. I did not call about a warranty issue. I called and gave a clear indication that I wanted to buy!

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