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Eliminate Multiple Common Calls

In a perfect world we would have no phone calls.

Just ask Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook. He will tell you, “no one wants to call a business.” Since this is not a perfect world, more often than not phone calls are necessary to clarify how a dealer can meet our purchase and maintenance needs. But...

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The Value Of Mystery Shopping For Dealers

Selling high-end products such as boats requires an understanding that the customer journey from interest to purchase is very different from ordinary B2C sales. Customers think and behave differently when buying expensive items and the sales cycle often mimics a B2B transaction cycle. Your dealership needs to have insight to this buying process to makes necessary improvements.

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ZDS Phone Control Tip: The Importance Of A Warm Transfer

Nothing is more frustrating for a caller than to be transferred to the wrong person or department. A good phone process sets the tone for your dealership and shapes the caller’s perspectives of how it is to do business with you...easy or difficult. Taking customer service a step further, placing a caller into a queue or directly to voice mail if an agent is not available, without so much as a warning to the caller, is not desirable.

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Greeting Your Dealership's Callers For A Lasting Impression

In today’s technology-driven culture, email, chat and texts are increasingly popular ways to communicate. Dealers are learning and mastering these channels of communication as a necessity to progress. However, all the new technology out there cannot replace the efficiency and personal interaction of a phone conversation.
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Best Methods for Outbound Calling

Your dealership needs to focus attention where it's going to have the most success. That doesn’t mean stopping writing emails, nor creating a robust email library which you can utilize in your CRM workflow. CRM can send out automated emails for fresh leads, old leads, and sold leads, while you focus on where the money is—the phone.

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The Appointment is Set—Prepare To Wow The Customer in Person, Just Like You Did On The Phone

You’ve handled the call correctly and set an appointment for the customer to see the RV. Now the customer is coming in to the dealership so you know he or she is serious about buying. Don’t throw away the hard work you’ve done so far by not being prepared. The customer is looking for a great, painless, friendly and expeditious experience. Close the deal by being ready to provide that experience. Below are several suggestions to follow before and after that appointment shows up, and even though they seem like common sense approaches, you’d be surprised how these steps are missed by some sales people.

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A Weak Confirmation Call Process Costs Your Dealership Money

In this blog, let’s talk about another call that can improve your bottom line or cost you money. This is the confirmation call. Every inbound call requires and outbound response, we know that. In this case, let’s say the appointment is set on the inbound call. Now, it’s time for the appointment confirmation call.

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Every Inbound Call Is an Outbound Opportunity

There is an old saying that holds very true in business, “Fortune is in the follow-up.” When it comes to inbound calls to your dealership this could not be said better. Every inbound call is also an outbound call opportunity. It has to be if you are at all serious about maximizing leads, increasing sales, retaining customers, and keeping high CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) scores. Start getting more comfortable with making outbound calls by preparing for them. Learn the reasons that outbound follow up calls are essential in driving traffic to your dealership and valid, proven business practices that should be in everyone’s phone skills toolbox.

Topics: phone skills phone process Dealership Performance