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Customers Are Texting Your Marine Dealership: Are You Responding?

Technology continues advancing, making it easier for consumers to research, purchase, and communicate with businesses wherever and whenever they want. Marine dealers need to evolve to meet customer expectations. Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer report reports that two in three customers want companies to interact and respond to them in real time. A study from Twillio found nine out of 10 people surveyed wanted to talk to brands using text messaging, but less than half of companies had the technology in place to offer that option.

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First Call Resolution (FCR) is Resolving a Caller’s Inquiry, Need or Problem on the First Phone Call.

FCR is a powerful metric. It provides insight into your process efficiency and skill level of those handling phone calls, serving as an important KPI for your overall caller experience. Yet, it is one of the most difficult data points to correctly assess and measure.

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The Appointment is Set—Prepare To Wow The Customer in Person, Just Like You Did On The Phone

You’ve handled the call correctly and set an appointment for the customer to see the RV. Now the customer is coming in to the dealership so you know he or she is serious about buying. Don’t throw away the hard work you’ve done so far by not being prepared. The customer is looking for a great, painless, friendly and expeditious experience. Close the deal by being ready to provide that experience. Below are several suggestions to follow before and after that appointment shows up, and even though they seem like common sense approaches, you’d be surprised how these steps are missed by some sales people.

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