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To Script, Or Not To Script?


Some salespeople will say that they hate using scripts when answering calls, but the reality is that scripts can be a real advantage in the dealership's sales methodology. Word tracks, or scripts, for boat salespeople are becoming more accepted and leading boat dealerships see clear advantages to using them.

Even though the naysayers will tout scripts as bad because, well...they’re scripted—no room for personality, improvisation, sales technique...just canned words—the reality is that phone scripts really work and provide enough room for improvisation. If you think about it, we all “script.” Even when you present in front of people or write a blog...this is a script too, but one we’ve “developed” over time. Using scripts for call types just keeps things on track—the word track (pun intended).

What’s In a Script?

It’s not brainwashing, but a good prospect-focused consultation. A good phone script essentially mimics the process used every day in stores to talk with customers, assess their needs and budget, and identify boats that might be a good fit. Here’s a road map to putting together a great script that does just that:

  • Greet the caller/customer
  • Conduct a needs analysis
  • Obtain contact information
  • Build dealership value
  • Ask for the appointment

You’re going from point A to point B, true, but you can see that there’s still room for staff to use their selling instincts when they need to. Flexibility is built into a good script, too. Sincerity in helping the customer to find the right boat and attention to details will trump a perfect script recital any day.

A Word Track for Dealership Principles, Too

So scripts are a great starting point, but what we’re ultimately talking about is the way you and your dealership are communicating with callers and customers. More important than the words in a script is this: are all dealership reps saying the same thing? Meaning, all reps must be aligned with dealership principles, provide consistent answers, ask the right questions, and reflect the customer-centric culture of the dealership. Achieving a great dealership brand across media—online, in print, in advertising and marketing—takes hard work and costs money. The reputation for excellent customer service and fairness already established by the dealership in other channels should also be reflected in each phone conversation script.

Sales scripting can dramatically increase sales. Start with good scripts, allow for flexibility by trusting your staff’s instincts and the road map set by the script, and your dealership will be well on the way to increased appointments and sales.

If you need training in this area, we'd be happy to help. Scripts are in our nature. Get in touch.

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