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The Value Of Mystery Shopping For Dealers


Selling high-end products such as boats requires an understanding that the customer journey from interest to purchase is very different from ordinary B2C sales. Customers think and behave differently when buying expensive items and the sales cycle often mimics a B2B transaction cycle. Your dealership needs to have insight to this buying process to makes necessary improvements.

The potential time elapsed between high-priced or luxury purchases and the modern consumer’s thorough information-gathering resources require that the boat dealer create an exceptional shopping experience that motivates customers to choose them over the competition while creating loyalty, great reviews, and referrals. A dealership should motivate customers to repeatedly choose their sales and service team, and tell others why your dealership stands out for them.

So how do you know if your dealership is doing its very vest to provide a great customer experience that differentiates and increases sales?  Does your dealership understand the buying process from the customer's perspective? If not, use a mystery shopping provider to give you complete insight, show you strengths, weaknesses and actionable opportunities for adjusting to the luxury buy cycle.

Measure What It’s Like To Call And Shop Your Dealership

Mystery shopping your dealership will evaluate everything from the phone call to showroom visit, providing visibility into employee knowledge, phone and selling skills, accuracy of quotes for service and repairs, and employee engagement with customers.

On inbound phone calls, mystery shops will assist a dealer in improving appointment setting techniques and determining if the processes that happen after an appointment is set—confirmation, following up on no shows—are implemented correctly.

Use Mystery Shopping Data To Drive Results

Once you have a clear understanding of the customer’s contact impression with your dealership, and see exactly what went right and wrong, you can affect positive changes. Mystery shopping is a powerful tool. What's behind the score is the data. It's this data that is used for coaching and improving employee performance in weak areas. You can also go further...

Mystery Shop Your Phones

Other applications of mystery shopping serve to deep-dive into phone calls about a price for a service, availability inquiries, pinpointing a specific market, and analyzing call performance/behaviors of top dealership performers.

You dealership can target areas of focus such as specific departments, caller requests, and call types. A good mystery shopping provider will give you have a good dashboard with a view of overall trends, areas of opportunity, and specific employee performances from actual customer calls. Imagine the power of that data to affect the outcome of the call into your dealership...and remember that calls are often the first chances to make or break the first impression for a profitable relationship.

The Caller’s And Customer’s Point Of View

Mystery shopping as a an effective improvement tool will allow the dealership to view their products, services and brands from varied perspectives. A mystery shop provider will help to measure and understand what needs to be improved to provide stellar customer experiences, creating value, loyalty, satisfaction and more sales.

Improvements with staff can be implemented almost immediately. Coaching, recognition and solutions for proper phone, lead-handling, and selling techniques will drive on only performance up, but employee satisfaction in their jobs.

Zenith Dealer Solutions is a provider of RealShops, a mystery shopping platform that fits your budget and provides a wealth of information to solve weak performance processes. If you'd like to see what it's like to call and shop your dealership, drop us a line today.

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