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The Power Of The Sales Calls Log


Every day, a busy boat dealership will receive and handle a large number of calls. How agents at that dealership handle those calls will decide customer satisfaction and ultimately increased or decreased sales. One of the most important calls into the dealership is the sales call and having the ability to know exactly what happened is a powerful tool that let's you make the most of each opportunity. A sales calls log provides complete visibility into outcomes and calls that need immediate attention, follow up, or re-engagement. This is exactly the tool a dealership needs to make the most of each lead and provide training for staff if they are falling short in converting interested customers to appointments.

Know Your Missed Opportunities

Missed opportunities come in several types. A caller talked about buying a boat but didn’t. A customer asked for sales but didn’t speak to a sales rep. There was a message left for sales. There was no message left for sales, but the caller reached voice mail. The caller spoke with an agent, but no appointment was set. No agent was mentioned, but the caller wanted to know about a specific boat. Using a sales calls log provides the dealership with data on outcomes of calls so that missed opportunities can be immediately addressed with next steps. Why spend more money on marketing and advertising when right away you can make the most of each opportunity presenting itself in the form of an inbound call.

Not All Sales Calls Are Equal In Importance

If an appointment was set on a sales call that call does need follow up, but if a caller asked for sales, reached voice mail of an agent and didn’t leave a message, you might be leaving money on the table. This call needs attention right away. It’s important to have alarms set on calls like these so you’re not steering customers into the arms of the competition. An alarm by text message to calls that need immediate attention is another powerful tool that works hand-in-hand with the sales call log. You set the parameters for the alarms (i.e. customer asked for sales but did not even reach an agent), and after receiving the missed opportunity, you turn it into a deal.

Knowing Outcomes Means Having Next Steps, A Plan

A sales calls log is about outcomes of calls. Knowing the outcomes gives you the ability to have a plan, or next steps for that sales opportunity. You can immediately know which customers to reengage; if no appointment was set, a manager can follow up for a second try; if you promised to call back, you’ll know when you did not; when the appointment is set you’ll know to call back to confirm and have the customer show up. Outcomes of sales calls provide the dealership with amazing, actionable data to make the most of their ad spend.

The Opportunity To Coach And Train

Utilizing the sales calls log to its full potential also means having the ability coach and train staff. How are calls handled at your dealership? Are sales calls being converted into appointments? Managers can have the ability to review calls where the customer was interested in buying but no appointment was set for opportunities to improve performance. Are staff members responding promptly to text alarms to missed sales calls and making their follow up calls? Managers can easily identify areas of needed improvement so the dealership retains new sales contacts, converts to appointments, and provides exceptional customer service.

Every Inbound Call Means an Outbound Call

You sales calls log becomes a road map for the calls you need to make. If you received an inbound sales call, you’ll need to match with an outbound one. Now you know to:

  • Call to confirm
  • Call to reengage
  • Turn over to manager to retry for the appointment
  • Call by agent who promised to follow up

In summary, a sales calls log gives you the power to provide the best service you can to your customers AND to increase sales. On all calls we should do our best to answer customer questions, satisfy their needs and set the appointment. Using you sales call log is one of the best ways to road map yourself to drive sales, improve staff performance, win and retain customers.

At Zenith Dealer Solutions, we understand the importance of every sales call into your dealership. If you're not making the most out of every phone opportunity, drop us a line and we'll be glad to help.

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