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The Common Denominator of Successful Dealerships

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The highest performing dealerships seem to have one thing in common. They know what’s going on with their phone calls, inbound and outbound. They use that data to improve the quality of their customers’ experiences with the dealership, and continue with ongoing training for their staff—all based on call measurement. So how do they get that pertinent data? They track, monitor and record inbound and outbound calls.

Why Do You Need Call Data & Call Measurement?

It’s all about transparency and accountability. These qualities ensure improvement and success. A qualified and experienced call tracking and monitoring provider will deliver a wealth of data and recordings from inbound calls, showing how advertising sources are performing and where weakness in call handling from staff exist. A really good vendor will immediately alert management staff to mishandled calls by sending a text alarm, offering a quick opportunity to rectify the situation, saving a deal or providing exceptional customer service. A great vendor will do all the previous and also monitor the outbound calls made, setting expectations for the dealership's staff by inspecting their performance.

Call Measurement Has a Rapid ROI

Successful dealerships know that there are several very important reasons to monitor and record calls. They want maximum ROI on their investment in advertising and staff training, and call monitoring delivers just that. What call management can do for your dealership is get you maximum bang-for-you-buck in very key areas:

  • Staff adherence: recording calls makes sure your staff follows word tracks and uses them consistently.

  • Training tool: call monitoring helps structure training and role-playing exercises, making staff more confident and skilled in handling every type of call. Recordings will reveal specific challenges your sales and service staff may have and help them improve their performance.

  • Missed opportunities capture: monitoring will capture missed calls, hang ups on hold, voice mails that need immediate responses—opportunities that otherwise might have fallen through the cracks. An experienced call tracking and monitoring company will send out real-time alerts on these missed opportunities so that management can quickly respond.

  • Customer service (and higher satisfaction scores for your dealership): any negative experience the customer might have pre-visit, or post-sale, can me mitigated and rectified. Any follow up needed is transparent and there is accountability for the follow up.

  • Peak call volume response for correct staffing: with proper call management in place, your dealership will see what the peak times are in call volume and be able to staff accordingly. More opportunities will be answered without the out-to-lunch excuses.

  • Metrics and reporting: the dealership will see where the calls are coming from, which ad sources are performing and whether appointmentsare being set on those calls. Conversion rates will show calls to appointments, and appointment sets to shows and buys. There is no counting calls with a great vendor...your dealership will know exactly which ad sources are working and leading to appointments that show.

If your dealership is suffering from poor sales and customer service performance, call management is you answer. Get it in place and watch an almost immediate change. Get reports on your inbound and outbound calling, monitor your call activity, allow staff to improve their phone skills and watch your show room traffic increase and customer satisfaction soar. There’s no better investment in your dealership’s success.

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