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The Appointment is Set—Prepare To Wow The Customer in Person, Just Like You Did On The Phone


You’ve handled the call correctly and set an appointment for the customer to see the RV. Now the customer is coming in to the dealership so you know he or she is serious about buying. Don’t throw away the hard work you’ve done so far by not being prepared. The customer is looking for a great, painless, friendly and expeditious experience. Close the deal by being ready to provide that experience. Below are several suggestions to follow before and after that appointment shows up, and even though they seem like common sense approaches, you’d be surprised how these steps are missed by some sales people.

Step 1

Once you schedule the appointment and make sure you have the customer’s info, be sure to document it. This ensures that customer records have integrity in the dealership and CRM; and everyone is aware and has the information.

Step 2

Confirm the appointment. Call the customer back with all the details of the appointment. An appointment confirmation means that 35% more of your customers will keep the time and actually show up. The manager is a great resource for the appointment confirmation, and should be well aware who the customer is, what they are interested in, and when they are coming in. The manager will do a meet and greet as well. If the appointment is more than 15 minutes late, make a call to see if they are running late or whether you have to reschedule the appointment. This step has a huge impact on your show ratio.

Don't forget:
Provide clear directions to the dealership and end with, “Looking forward to seeing you at 1:45pm. We’ll have the RV ready when you arrive, so you don’t have to wait at all.”

Step 3

Ensure everyone is aware of, and ready for, the customer visit. You have the vehicle(s) ready. If it’s a hot day, turn on the AC in the RV; if it’s cold, the heat. Don’t make the customer wait any more than necessary. Know your stuff. The customer has mostly done the research and they know what they want. Be knowledgeable about the product.

Step 4

Greet customers warmly by name when they arrive. Give a great first impression with a smile. Be the customer’s advocate and rather than selling them on an RV help them make the right choice. Differentiate with a VIP experience. Don’t rush. Answer questions and overcome objections. Make it easy for your customer to buy from you.

Step 5

Follow-up. Every appointment receives at least one follow-up call. Missed appointments and lost sales lead back to rescheduling the appointment. Don't miss this step to recover a deal.

People can buy anywhere, so the experience you provide in your dealership will not only seal the deal for your appointment, but will result in future purchases, referrals, and a great reputation for your dealership. Be be prepared for the appointment you worked hard to get, wow the customer, and most importantly, follow up.

Quality performance and service start on the phone and continue inside the dealership.

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