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Reviewing Phone Calls Leads to More Sales and Higher Customer Satisfaction

There is nothing easier for a customer to do than to click-to-call a dealership from a search or advertising link. The convenience of today’s technology coupled with the health of the industry leads to phone calls outpacing internet leads 4:1, according to current dealership call data. With phone leads on the increase, the need to handle each one correctly is paramount. Mistakes on calls hurt sales and lower customer satisfaction.

Many dealerships find themselves doing a not-so-great job on the phones. Reviewing calls can be an eye(ear) opening experience for many, who find that their sales reps are not consistent or simply make the same mistakes repeatedly. Most common errors upon review are:

  • Agents fail to identify themselves
  • Agents fail to ask for the customer’s contact info
  • Agents fail to ask for the appointment
  • Agents promise to call back and do not
  • Agents don’t log calls into their CRMs
  • Agent keep the customer on hold too long—customers hang up

Monitoring and Review is a Diagnostic Tool

Think of reviewing calls as a diagnostic tool not a punishment to staff. Listening to the quality of the calls is a critical step in identifying ineffective call handling practices. The goal is to capture as many sales and service opportunities as possible and if your dealership is coming up short, call reviews are resources for managers to train sales reps to improve their next call. If you leave things at status quo, chances are you are losing money. Many dealerships outsource their calls to third parties so they can concentrate on other tasks than sifting through hundreds of calls. This way, they are able to have summaries and evaluations delivered while managers have more time for coaching staff.

Utilizing mystery shopping vendors is another great way to see if your staff is following good call handling practices in sales and service. Capturing the data from this method will provide a wealth of phone skills training and really give you insight on what it’s like to call your dealership.

Recover a Fumbled Call Quickly

There’s no better way to remedy a bad call, than knowing about it quickly and calling the customer back. Alarms by text message delivered to managers are the best way for quick, remedial action. If a sales rep did not ask for the appointment, or the caller hung up in frustration, a quick reengagement can mean a saved sale. In addition, does your dealership know that a caller asked for sales, reached a voice mail and hung up? This is priority information and here is where a monitoring service that can send a text alarm immediately can be invaluable.

Reviewing poor and good call handling is a learning tool. Good call handling leads to more sales and better service, so implementing a process makes financial sense. No matter how good you might think your dealership is on the phone, spend some time reviewing calls and find out the reality. You might be surprised at the number of opportunities lost on the phone. Good news is that you can take total control once you know.

We can help if you’re ready to get the bottom line up and have customers sing your praises.

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