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Design Your Phone Strategy in Front of Your First Touchpoint of Your Caller’s Journey (2 of 2)

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86% of phone calls to dealerships are placed on hold. If you want to prevent 75% of those calls form hanging while on hold, keep your callers’ hold times to under 30 seconds. Consider that it takes an average of 17 seconds to dial and connect, another 30 seconds of hold times takes callers to the point where they give up. Customers don’t want to jump through hoops to connect with a business.

Customer Effort:

Customer Effort Score (CES) is metric that measures the ease of an experience with a company by assessing how much effort was required by the customer to use the product or service. There's ample evidence that the ease of an experience is a better indicator of customer loyalty than simply measuring direct customer satisfaction.

The Battle Between Bots & Humans

Nothing beats a BDC environment where calls are answered by representatives who can assist the caller. Data from processing millions of calls indicates that a live answer with an immediate cold transfer has the same effectiveness as phone trees in call connectivity and appointment-setting metrics.

If you have an IVR: Limit the number of department choices to your customer to four, because research shows that’s all the average person can remember. AND put them in order: “Press or SAY 1 for Service, 2 for Parts, 3 for Sales and 4 for all other inquiries."

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Best Practice: Start by listening to WHAT the caller is asking for!

The familiarity of what callers ask for when calling is a clue to how you should handle the caller.

Ensure your team members fielding calls have a clear line of sight to those who can help. Allowing calls to be blindly pushed to sales or service agents could end up forcing employees to choose between a customer in person and that person on the phone. In either case, both the employee and the caller lose. 

Develop and prepare your team to answer the caller’s questions by ensuring scenario and practical application content is part of your on-boarding and ongoing training plan. For a resource to help you develop employees using practical application, download our self-assessment checklist.

The most powerful function of the phone conversation is the connection you make with your customer. Whether that’s making the sale or solving a big problem, it’s an opportunity – and a phone call – that you can’t afford to miss. Tune into our webinar on April 12th 2019 at 1:00pm EDT for more best practices on addressing missed opportunities

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