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Design Your Phone Strategy in Front of Your First Touchpoint of Your Caller’s Journey (1 of 2)

Missed calls and poor call routing mean more than just a missed opportunity to connect with a customer or prospect. When customers can’t connect with a business, customer churn increases, brand perception decreases, and the overall caller experience is tarnished.

According to a study from Gartner, 89% of companies compete primarily based on customer experience. Improving phone handling processes and practices has grown from important to critical.

80% of all business communications take place over the phone.

How much focus should we put on business chat and FaceTime and other communication technologies? The short answer is focus on the all the communication mediums you currently use before adopting new ones. A Google study highlights that more than half of consumers searching for boats are “very likely” to click on a phone number to call a business. Because of this growth, more ad spend is invested into mobile marketing to drive these phone calls, and marine dealers need to be ready to serve those callers.

Begin by stitching together the micro-moments that lead up to the picking up the phone and calling your store. Then turn those moments into opportunities to differentiate your store once they connect: 


The first step to improving your caller’s experience is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes before they even make a call to your store. Today’s wired customer calls because they cannot find the information they need online. Are you making it as easy as possible for them to reach the correct department or person, or are you setting them up for transfers, dead ends and frustration?

Do you offer a chat function? Many customers would rather contact your store via chat. Offering options meets customers where they would prefer to be met. Does your website offer the opportunity to schedule service appointments? Eliminate service appointment calls by providing a self-service option with a digital assistant.

Don’t miss out on setting 8:00am service appointments because Google says you don’t open until 9:00am! Two-thirds of dealers have inconsistency in their posted hours. Ensure your hours match across all major directories.

Marine CallerCX Facts abiout Missed Calls Zenith Dealer Solutions


Missed calls reduce customer confidence. Regardless of your dealership’s size, customers want to know that you’re in control of running your business. Failing to answer their phone call is exasperating for the caller because they can’t get the information they need, and frustrating for the business because it’s a lost opportunity

Roughly 85% of people whose calls are not answered will not call back.

This sounds the alarm for any business not able to handle their call volume.

Why are you missing calls?  

  • There are multiple disclaimers on your phone lines, driving the time it takes for a customer to connect higher than your callers are willing to wait.
  • Your phone tree or interactive voice response system (IVR) doesn’t include the option to press AND say. 86% of new vehicles shipped in 2018 were equipped with Bluetooth technology. We talk to our phones, especially when driving, so customers can’t press an option to connect.
  • Your call routing design and voicemail processes have slowly been changed and unknown major failures are now occurring.
  • You’re understaffed or need to revisit employee scheduling and call volume to avoid missing calls at peak times!

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