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Selection and Hiring Dealership Employees for the Phone


Our current low unemployment rate has made the hiring market as competitive as ever. The auto and worlds are an attractive option for job seekers, especially those with an affinity for the business. 64% of candidates go on to say that they gather the majority of familiarity with a dealers culture during the interview process. It is important to have an interview process that doesn’t overly tax candidates. Interviews should be easily scheduled and have prepared who understand how an applicant is likely to embrace the dealership’s culture. Interviewers focusing on their candidates work place preferences can get an upper hand on the competition. Evidence of poor work-life balance is the #1 discouraging factor for candidate.

Why Employees Leave Dealerships - MyPerfectFit

Stop hiring candidates because you feel that you need an experienced body. Hiring decisions are too often made based on who we like best, who presents themselves with the most confidence, or who was recommended by someone we trust. The data is in. There is a reliable way of selecting top performers or even the perfect fit for the position. Use a process that includes a formal assessment, behavior-based interviewing techniques and an audition over the phone. Disney doesn’t hire a cast member who doesn’t love talking to strangers, call centers shouldn’t hire employees who don’t love talking on the phone.

When you select candidates with the aptitude and proven skills for the position, you reduce turnover, improve your employee experience, and win on the phone with customers.

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