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5 Ways to Convert More Phone Leads into Appointments at the Dealership


 Knowing how to properly re-engineer your dealership's phone performance can put you a step ahead of the competition. In his transformative business management book, Good to Great, Jim Collins explains the importance of putting people first in your company, and in this case your RV or Marine dealership. Only once you have hired the right people can you move towards focusing on the phone process and tools, phone performance goals, and engaging a BDC or call monitoring partner. Essential to your dealership's success is an understanding and execution of  how to re-engineer your phone performance. 

Hire the Right People

  • You have to get the right people on the job who are good on the phones. The right people always come before the right technology, processes, word tracks, and phone performance goals. Having people who are dedicated to the phones, not just a process that focuses on the phones, means having people that want to answer the phone. This isn't always the case, especially in RV and Marine dealerships because there's so many people that love the product and lifestyle but they don't being on the phone. Your dealership needs people who embrace the phones.

Improve Phone Processes and Tools

  • The processes and tools not only involve the steps of a call, but how a customer wants to be treated. We live in a day of transparency and technology and your customers demand it. Therefore, your dealership needs a process that uses technology and presents information quickly and accurately to your callers. Your phone process should be re-engineered and because of technology -- the time is now.

Word Tracks

  • As a dealership you define your culture through your phones using scripts or word tracks in two ways. First, are your agents saying the same thing? Are callers hearing a consistent message when they call back and reach a different agent? Secondly, and most important, are they stating a message that's in line with your dealership's principles? 

Establish Phone Performance Goals

  • Once your dealership has the technology in place to record, monitor, transcribe, and dissect data points to know if you're properly answering the phones, connecting callers to a live agent, receiving the correct contact information, and setting appointments you can measure your phone performance. If you can measure it, you can manage it. If you can manage it you can drive your RV or Marine dealership to achieve more aggressive goals.

Hire BDC Experts and Call Monitoring Companies

  • Lastly, don't go at it alone. Especially if you're reading this blog and thinking to yourself, 'This is important to me, phones are critical, and this is a way I can make a significant upgrade in our overall sales, service, and customer satisfaction.' If this is the case, hire a professional. BDC experts and call monitoring solutions like Zenith Dealer Solutions are specifically designed to help you accomplish your goals at your RV or Marine Dealership.

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