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3 Steps to Improving Connectivity at Your Dealership to Sell More


Improve Connectivity -- The Right People at the Right Time

A high percentage of phone calls coming into dealerships do not reach the intended agent. There are many reasons this could happen, but it's typically because the person that the caller is trying to reach is unavailable. Examining and and improving staffing is a great place to start to increase your connectivity.


Great Data Means Being Able to Make Great Decisions

Utilize your staffing reports to identify potential challenges by plotting calls into your dealership. In the example graph above, the first line indicates calls starting off slow, peaking in the morning, slowly dying off in the afternoon, and fading away into the evening. That is a typical call flow for a dealership hour by hour.

The second line represents appointments being set. Appointments being set tend to plateau at a certain level because you hit your max staffing at a certain period of time. At the point, as more calls come in, you may start to see the bottom line, missed calls, growing as calls hit voice mail because all agents are busy on the phone. This is also a typical pattern because you can only spend so much money on staffing.

The real thing to watch for in the staffing report is when call volume is high, appointments are decreasing, and callers not reaching agents is increasing. This trend indicates that you have a staffing problem. The good news is, it's in your control!

Improve Connectivity With Better Staffing Practices:

  • Staff to accommodate peak call times: Look at your call volume and staff accordingly.
  • Blame the process, not the people: Understand your people, process, and hardware problems. The average issue with the phones comes from a lack of process and a lack of training. For example, instead of immediately blind transferring a phone call, provide the receptionist with a video monitor to access an agent's desk. 
  • Stagger hours and breaks: When lunchtimes aren't staggered, the max appointments you can set is down because of agents not being there. This is very common because people make phone calls at lunchtime and your team takes lunch at lunchtime. The fix is to stagger breaks and lunches. We also see this at the end of the day when shifts are ending and calls are coming in right after work. Your customers are going home and making phone calls after work. Don't send your team home at the same time!

Depending on your market and dealership, staffing challenges could happen at a different time of the day. Run the staffing report and watch for anomalies that could cost you sales opportunities and optimize your staffing with our best practices. If you'd like to learn more, view our 2-minutes video on how to take control of your phones, create more opportunities, and sell more. VIDEO: Zenith Dealer Solutions

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