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Microlearning: A Training Disrupter or a Training Strategy?

Employee training initiatives alone won’t improve job performance.

Changing behavior is hard work, and while every employee has the intention of becoming better at handling phone calls, science tells us that when they get back to their desks, they’ll return to old habits. Study after study has shown that while learners enjoy training, it doesn’t create lasting behavior change.

In the late 80s, the Center for Creative Leadership published the 70/20/10 model, which they used to describe how people learn. 10% of our learning comes from formal training, 70% happens on the job, and the final 20% comes through experiential learning.

If 70% of learning happens on the job, training needs to be taken out of the classroom and incorporated onto the sales floor.

A new approach

We know that conventional training alone doesn’t move the needle on behavior change, but when executed in short bites using a microlearning approach, it can be an effective method for upskilling employees and improving performance.  

According to the Journal of Applied Psychology, learning in bite-sized pieces makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient. Why?

  • Bite-sized learning content is easily and readily accessible, employees can take it at their own pace, from anywhere they'd like.
  • Microlearning is single-concept focused, so learners don't clutter their memories with irrelevant information, which improves retention.
  • Learners only need to digest small chunks of information, making comprehension easier.

Training in stretches of 3-7 minutes matches the working memory capacity and attention spans of humans.

The human brain is not wired to maintain focus for hours on end. It learns better when the content is delivered in short bursts. Cut to the chase - Do away with the history, the background information, and the theories. Deliver the “how-to” and just-in-time solutions that help employees make real-time improvements.

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