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Answer the Callers Questions

Knowledge is power and it’s Zenith’s holiday gift to you and more importantly a gift for your customers. Please enjoy this marine phone skills training module: Answer the Caller’s Questions.


Training Overview:

The rise of customer expectations and their preference for self-service makes it no surprise that society has gotten more knowledge obsessed. Customers crave it and consume it, yet sales representatives for marine operators don’t always share it. When you are unable or unwilling to answer your caller’s questions, you create a gap in the “wow journey” for your callers. Moments of truth make or break experiences and the moment you have to say, “I don’t know the answer, let me call you back” you risk losing your caller to a competitor and worse, leaving them with a poor impression of your store.


“Today, power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it”
– Dharmesh Shah, Hubspot CTO and Founder


Best Practices:

  1. Callers don’t just want an answer, they also want someone who can provide them with advice. To properly advise a customer you need to ask questions, is your team asking the right ones?
  2. Listening is more important than talking, sales representatives that reduce their talk time to less than 50% are more successful. Does your team “dialog” or just answer questions?
  3. Elevate your questions, customers don’t know what they don’t know so anticipate their needs and ask accordingly.  Does your team seek to understand first, then be understood?
  4. Give customers what they want – consultative information! Salesforce recently published a report, “State of the Connected Customer” that highlighted 79% of buyers said that it’s “critical or very important to have a sales representative that is a trusted advisor.” Are your team members viewed as trusted advisors?

Download a copy of Zenith Dealer Solutions: Answers the Caller’s Questions here. If you like it and want more, hit us up! We are happy to help the marine caller experience. Building a better #CallerCX.


Answer the Caller's Questions by Zenith Dealer Solutions


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