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The Callers Experience Begins When they Decide to Call

CallerCX is the portion of your Customers Experience that occurs through voice conversation. That said, CallerCX begins the moment your customer decides to call your store. Human nature drives us to the web to find a business's phone number and click-to-call it. According to BrightLocal, in the past year 71% have had a negative experience because of incorrect local information online. Beyond making it easy for customers to find your phone number like e-tailer Chewy.com does, dealers should audit their Google listings' hours of operations and published phone numbers quarterly. 

All directories should be reviewed and audited especially Bing (Yelp), Facebook and Google. 93% of consumers are frustrated with incorrect information in online directories.  Consumers believe posted Google hours. And marine dealers hours often change across seasons. If Google says you are open and no one answers your customers call because your dealership is in fact closed, CallerCX declines rapidly. Conversely, if Google says you are closed when you are open, you miss calls.  The good news is that these audits and corrective actions are easy. 

24% of consumers will call a local business before going to visit it - are your numbers correct across all directories? And do you have the right numbers published? Zenith doesn't subscribe to having the same number published in across all directories, an argument agencies make to ensure their clients adhere to the Google NAP (Name Address Phone) consistency portion of the Google algorithm. Zenith places the caller's experience above number consistency and we believe Google does too. Post numbers that ring callers to the proper location as seamlessly as possible. Ring sales lines to sales, service lines to service and any special lines you have like a marina or Boat-tel to its team. We have been advising clients in this way for more than 5 years with no noticeable impact to their Google rankings. 

Mark your calendar to audit your hours of operations and phone numbers quarterly to get your #CallerCX off to the right start. 

CallerCX When Decide to Call

Zenith Dealer Solutions' goal is to ensure every call to a dealership is a positive experience. 


 Hey there, I'm Zeni. I'm the one who listens to millions of calls to boat dealerships. Have a question about a specific phone challenge your store is facing? I've probably heard it and can provide you with answers and best practices. Prefer to speak with a humanoid? Email support@markettechpr.com




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