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Handle Incoming Calls Better By Listening to Your Callers


Answering the incoming calls to your dealership is the first step to providing an excellent customer experience. The way your front line staff, receptionist, or sales people answer the phone depends on your dealership's scripts and guidelines. But the way they interact should be guided by how your callers are greeting them -- a skill that requires some training to perfect.  

Let's examine two examples to see how your dealership can improve phone processes based on how the caller greets your phone agent. 

  • Example 1:  Caller says "Hello, may I speak to someone in sales about the Sea Ray 260 I saw on BoatTrader.com?" This suggests the caller does not have an existing relationship with your dealership and therefore is a new sales opportunity.  This is your chance to make a great first impression and begin to build rapport with a potential new customer. Phone agents need to be ready with their 'A' game to give a proper introduction and begin collecting information by asking the right questions. This phone call is the start of the selling process and should most definitely end in an appointment set if handled correctly. 
  • Example 2:  Caller says"Hello, may I speak to Steve in sales?" This clearly suggests the caller has an existing relationship with your dealership. This caller should also be given the best possible experience on the phone with your dealership, but in a different way. Let the caller know you will transfer them and ask if they would like voicemail if Steve is not available.  If they say no, provide a warm transfer so you can remain on the line and find out what information they are seeking. If they say yes and it goes to voicemail, make sure Steve is alerted right away. 

People call to get answers to their questions. When you listen to the way they greet you, you can better predict how to deliver that information in a timely manner.  This type of phone excellence can be built into your phone skills training program. Using a few examples, like ones here, will give your phone agents the ability to recognize how callers are greeting them and how to respond. Using your recordings to give them real call examples is even more effective training. 

When you're handling every call exceptionally, your dealership will see more sales and better customer retention, it's as simple as that. 

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