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From Smartphone to Showroom—Increase Your Show Rate This Holiday Season

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Today’s world is digital and mobile. Website content, texting, emails, online ads and social media dominate the landscape and mobile-based communication is the norm not the exception. According to current statistics, more than two-thirds of the U.S. population owns a smartphone and that has changed consumer interactions and preferences when it comes to a purchase from your dealership.

The old mentality of selling with, “get the customer into the showroom” has become too much of a narrow way of seeing things, and can now do more harm than good with today’s mobile-focused shopper.

Technology has irrevocably changed the sales approach, however with change come new opportunities to adapt and use mobile communications to drive more traffic to your showroom.

Don’t Be Generic

There’s still a relevant and necessary place for scripts and a specific sales process, but communication now is a two-way street. Generic, canned responses to customer inquiries can damage a relationship from the start. Don’t ignore specific questions a customer has in texts or emails. Meaningful and genuine interaction in any mobile media should now dominate the process.

Respond Quickly

Without sacrificing the quality of your response, answer the customer’s text, email, chat or call as quickly as you can. With mobile communications as a daily occurrence, consumers are accustomed to receiving a response within minutes, especially with texts and chats.

Let The Customer Choose The Communication Channel

Don’t switch methods of communicating with the customer. If texting is their preferred method of interaction with you, stick with that. If your dealership’s sales process calls for progress from email to call to visit, adapt alternative means for customers’ preferred method of communicating with you.

Provide Relevant Content

The shopping experience is now integrated from print, web to mobile. Share of photos or videos with the potential buyer that will answer their questions and show off the boat. Often, links to great reviews of the dealership will reinforce that the customer made the right choice in contacting you.

Train Everyone On Your Team

This is very important as technology keeps evolving quickly. Ensure all your team members are trained and comfortable with all methods of communicating with customers. Emails, texts, chats and calls all fall under this umbrella. Expect consistency and a unified approach across all these channels so your dealership’s brand is strong, positive, and well represented in all media, from desktop to smartphone.

Get the most out of mobile-based opportunities. Adapting to today’s means of communication is a necessary and vital step in keeping your sales process strong from the smartphone to the showroom.

With changes come opportunities. If your dealership is not making the most of the phone interactions in this new mobile landscape, we can help. Get in touch and we’ll get you on your way to getting more appointments that show.

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