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First Call Resolution (FCR) is Resolving a Caller’s Inquiry, Need or Problem on the First Phone Call.

FCR is a powerful metric. It provides insight into your process efficiency and skill level of those handling phone calls, serving as an important KPI for your overall caller experience. Yet, it is one of the most difficult data points to correctly assess and measure.

FCR can only be measured from the caller’s perspective. There will always be situations that require further research and follow up assistance, but ideally callers should be getting what they need from you the first time around. Analysis of phone call interactions and gathering customer feedback is the best way to calculate your FCR:

  • Analyze:Ensure that you have a process and system that allows you to analyze your repeat calls. Listen to their phone calls, why are they calling back?
  • Ask:Implement a method for obtaining feedback from your caller after the phone call.
  • Collect:Callers are 3x more likely to answer a one question survey if you send it via text. Work with a phone call management expert to automate this process and begin gathering feedback directly from customers on whether they feel their inquiry or issue was resolved to satisfaction.

Once you’ve spotted trends and opportunities when assessing your FCR, it’s time to improve it. Due to poor execution, an alarming 70 percent of all FCR initiatives fail to result in a change that customers notice. Begin with these best practices to ensure yours is a success and an effort that positively impacts your caller’s experience:

Processes: Review processes for how calls flow through your dealership beginning with the first ring.

  • Call your store, which number did you dial, where did it go, and where did you intend to go? Route calls where the customer wants to go by posting one number for all calls to flow to or separate numbers for specific departments
  • How many selections does your phone tree/ivr system have? Research indicates that we can only remember a maximum of 4, so reduce the options based on which options the majority of your callers are pressing
  • If you want to prevent on hold hang ups, don’t leave callers on hold for longer than 30 seconds. If you need to buy more time, check back in
  • Reduce voicemails by leaving your cell phone number as an alternate contact number as part of the voicemail greeting

Employee Development: Low FCR correlates with low employee satisfaction which results in high turnover. Training programs that result in improvements in FCR include these attributes:

  • Answering questions transparently and effectively. What to do when you simply “do not know”
  • Mastering all 6 steps from the art of the apology
  • Displaying empathy and concern for the caller
  • Following a successful path to service recovery   

Coaching Programs: Meaningful change doesn’t happen overnight and can only occur if your FCR improvement strategy is ingrained into your culture. Leaders should role model great FCR and hold employees accountable to these behaviors. Training programs result in 22% greater productivity. Training programs with management coaching and feedback included result in 88% greater productivity. Improve productivity and create lasting power for your FCR initiative.

FCR is a critical indicator for determining how well your dealership is serving your callers and mastering it is key to creating an experience that keeps boaters calling back.


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