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Fielding New Sales Opportunities on the Phones

With boat show season wrapping up, summer is right around the corner which means boating season is about to be in full swing. Boat show attendees, inspired by the vessels they explored at the show, are now calling your dealership with questions. Your sales team may be well equipped with all the answers, but are they able to identify every sales opportunity?

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Many sales calls are from potentially new customers - but not all. How your team listens to callers' questions will help them identify sales opportunities and handle them appropriately. How you listen to your teams' calls will show you how many sales opportunities are being missed and ultimately determine the success of your dealership.

I'll bet you're picking up on the theme here - it's that 'listening is key'. We've listened to millions of phones calls to dealerships, so the hard work is done. Our phone call data reveals the best practices for maximizing the opportunities in post-boat show inquiries. Here are some stats to help you better identify and prioritize phone calls.

40% of calls to buy a boat are from potentially new customers

That is, they have never called your dealership before

When a new customer calls it is typically because they have seen the boat before either at the boat show or online. New customers will call for prices and availability and to compare to other brands and dealerships. Here are the three ways you can determine a caller is a potentially new customer:

  • They ask for your sales department or a specific salesperson
  • They ask for a specific boat model
  • They give a boat stock number

If your sales team is listening for these questions, they more quickly move into questions that will get callers talking and your dealership closer to selling. Listening for cues from to new sales opportunities will not only allow your sales team to more efficiently field these calls, but also allow you to pinpoint missed opportunities as they happen. Of course, having complete boat information handy is also essential, as is answering the phone with a smile every time.


65% of the time people calling the sales department speak to a sales representative

That means 35% of callers that are calling about specific boat aren’t talking to a salesperson

Potentially new customers are calling but you aren't setting more appointments. Why? There are a number of reasons why your appointment set rate is not in line with your call volume. To understand why, start with ensuring that all of your calls are being properly fielded and logged in the system. If your sales calls are being logged, on paper or in the CRM, and you’re still setting the same number of appointments, it’s an issue with your phones.

Here are the reasons your sales calls aren't reaching your sales people: 

  • Callers are reaching voicemail
  • Callers hang up on hold
  • Sales person they ask for is not available

It also might be the boat is not available - but that doesn’t mean the caller is not a good sales opportunity for your dealership. If you have them on the phone, they represent an opportunity - in sales or in reputation - so use the time you have to ask questions and build rapport. Show them you are the expert and help them come to their purchase decision naturally.

The boat buying journey is a personal one. Begin by showing your potential customers you can be trusted to answer the phone, to provide the information they're seeking, to never send them to voicemail and to always deliver that call back they are awaiting.

If your team is listening to caller cues, they can easily identify new sales opportunities. If you are listening to your all of your calls you can assess the opportunities coming from your marketing efforts, like the boat show. 


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