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Eliminate Multiple Common Calls


In a perfect world we would have no phone calls.

Just ask Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook. He will tell you, “no one wants to call a business.” Since this is not a perfect world, more often than not phone calls are necessary to clarify how a dealer can meet our purchase and maintenance needs. But...

Our goal at Zenith Dealer Solutions is to help dealers handle their phone calls efficiently and in a transparent manner. If our dealer clients fail at this objective, subsequent phone calls, emails and texts are necessary to satisfy the customers’ needs. That reduces productivity and obviously the time staff can spend on setting appointments and closing deals.

Get Rid Of The Common Callback

Complex problems require multiple communications and that’s okay. It’s the common calls that we need to focus on bringing closure to on that same call, and in less than 3 minutes. Prime examples of these common calls are calls about:

  • Vehicle availability
  • Service appointment setting

Measure your average calls per appointment set to ensure that you are trending in the right direction within your dealership.

Set Up Text Alarms So They Don’t Have To Call Back

Callers calling multiple times can be “caught” by a correct set up of alerts.

These are calls often involve:

  • Service updates
  • No next steps
  • Hangs up on hold

With the correct set up and management of text alarms, those callers who are now calling more than once would likely get a call back from a manager before they needed to call the dealership back again.

ZDS Tip: Using your call tracking provider, you can also review duplicates by looking at the frequency of calls from a specific number and listen to those calls to review and correct the issues of multiple calls.

Want to make the most out of every call into your dealership? We're here to help, so get in touch.

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