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Best Methods for Outbound Calling


Your dealership needs to focus attention where it's going to have the most success. That doesn’t mean stopping writing emails, nor creating a robust email library which you can utilize in your CRM workflow. CRM can send out automated emails for fresh leads, old leads, and sold leads, while you focus on where the money is—the phone.

When it comes to engaging with prospects there is usually a clear path from contact to sale. The initial email will lead to a phone call. Then the phone call will lead to an appointment, and that appointment will build a relationship. Once you have that, then you move to a demo and the sale. That’s how it works, so calling on the phone escalates the level of communication and reduces confusion and miscommunication inherent in emails, and helps establish that very important personal relationship, which then leads to the sale.

Train the Team, Prepare, Use a Process

The average connection on phone calls is 11% -!4%, so a create a minimum performance standard of calls per day your staff can handle. Make sure people making the outbound calls are trained in phone sales. Use scripts and talking points for various outbound scenarios, so staff is comfortable in all situations. Often, a result of an outbound call is voice mail, so the message left should let the customer know that there will be call back again, giving them incentive to get in touch first.

Management should have checkpoints in place and receive daily activity reports on outbound calling. Furthermore, results should be documented in CRM and employees coached on technique. Managers should maintain a regular outbound call schedule.

Mastering the outbound call is a crucial skill when it comes to selling boats and RV’s, but let’s face it—not everyone has a natural charisma and ability on the phone. Most appointments are set on the follow-up outbound phone call so using the the below methods is very important when making those calls. 

To summarize:

  • Use scripted word tracks
  • Provide phone training for staff
  • Establish a performance standard
  • Managers utilize checkpoints and daily activity reports
  • Establish a schedule for outbound calls
  • Allow customers to text back

Sometimes Hired Help Is Necessary

Depending on your dealership’s size and structure, as well as the call volume and leads, sometimes a call center is the most efficient way to get those outbound calls done. When opportunities exceed your staff's abilities or time constraints, trained agents in a call center can generally make 100 plus calls in a single shift. Using a call center will allow your dealership to train and coach a smaller staff to have one purpose—which is to make the calls to set appointments that will be kept.

The Goal Is Still the Same: An Appointment

The objective on an outbound call is the same as on the inbound: to set an appointment. Place your focus and coaching there and you can reap the rewards. The phone is where it all begins or where it can end before it ever gets started so make sure you "call with a smile." It may be your 25th call for the day, but for the customer on the other end it's the first. You have one shot to make a first impression.

If you find that your dealership needs help in the outbound process, be it making the calls, training, or word tracks, let us know and we'll get in touch to put you on the right track.

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