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From Smartphone to Showroom—Increase Your Show Rate This Holiday Season

Today’s world is digital and mobile. Website content, texting, emails, online ads and social media dominate the landscape and mobile-based communication is the norm not the exception. According to current statistics, more than two-thirds of the U.S. population owns a smartphone and that has changed consumer interactions and preferences when it comes to a purchase from your dealership.

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Why Text-Enable Your Phone Lines?

There’s an undeniable revolution in the ways we communicate. Until recently, we communicated through letters, face to face, and land line phones. The advent of the computer, the internet, and the smartphone introduced new modes of communication—emails and texting are very common and social media is not far behind.

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ZDS Phone Control Tip: The Importance Of A Warm Transfer

Nothing is more frustrating for a caller than to be transferred to the wrong person or department. A good phone process sets the tone for your dealership and shapes the caller’s perspectives of how it is to do business with you...easy or difficult. Taking customer service a step further, placing a caller into a queue or directly to voice mail if an agent is not available, without so much as a warning to the caller, is not desirable.

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Best Methods for Outbound Calling

Your dealership needs to focus attention where it's going to have the most success. That doesn’t mean stopping writing emails, nor creating a robust email library which you can utilize in your CRM workflow. CRM can send out automated emails for fresh leads, old leads, and sold leads, while you focus on where the money is—the phone.

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The Right Metrics For Measuring Phone Success In Your Dealership

Data can be overwhelming and looking at the wrong data can be disastrous. It’s very important to know which phone metrics require your attention and how those metrics drive profit and culture change at your dealership. Unless you have the right benchmarks in place for comparative purposes, you’re just collecting data. Is your dealership improving performance on the phone? Setting more appointments? Making the confirmation, follow-up and outbound calls they need to make? Are you gathering contact information for CRM, driving CSI up? The metrics you look at can give you valuable insight into what's happening on the phones right now and how you can improve the success you're having on the phones.

Let’s define your “success metrics.” These are “gauges on the dashboard,” that you should constantly review and improve. They are below in red.

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The Key to Customer Satisfaction Is Synchronicity In The Sales and Service Departments

Happy customers become retained customers who stay in your sales cycle. Since customers experience both sides in your dealership, Sales and Service should support one another to improve customer satisfaction. Keep in mind that for every 20 calls to Service, there’s one call to Sales, so New Sales can get started in Service, especially if you’re a dealership taking steps to improve satisfaction and retention.

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