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5 MUST HAVE Characteristics to Master Phone Calls

Learning how to capture and keep a caller's attention without physically being in their presence is an essential skill for anyone making and taking phone calls. It’s also a skill that demands constant practice and improvement for employees. Here are five characteristics that when demonstrated consistently, will help you build a better caller experience:

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Microlearning: A Training Disrupter or a Training Strategy?

Employee training initiatives alone won’t improve job performance.

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Caller Experience Report: Summer Edition Release

Today, 89% of companies compete primarily on the basis of customer experience – up from just 36% in 2010. 80% of companies believe they deliver “super experiences,” unfortunately there’s a perception gap in those numbers, because only 8% of customers agree.

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For Service...Press 1. For Sales...Press 2

A marine dealership’s IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is typically the first point of contact to route callers to a representative who can help them. An IVR is essentially the welcome mat for callers and should function as a concierge to the customer experience. Unfortunately, the IVR routing process isn't always ideal and we hear a fair number of IVRs that function more as a “No one's home” mat, than a welcome mat.

We hear common fail points such as, callers faced with eight-option phone trees, full voicemail boxes, long hold times and no one  to help. This contrast in experience makes humanoids pale in comparison to the advanced technology available in our everyday lives and sinks our wired customer’s expectations in the process.

Consider the last time you audited your store's IVR. Is calling your dealership a hassle to callers? Does your IVR make customers jump through hoops? If so, your store is likely to have a high volume of calls being abandoned by callers moving on to a competitor in search of a better first impression and experience.

Twilio’s recent Customer Communications Report found that after a poor communication experience, 38% of customers will switch to a competitor or cancel services, 66% will tell a friend about their experience, and 41% will stop doing business with the company altogether.

Legacy IVR systems make it difficult to meet the demands of evolving customer expectations. This is happening for several reasons: 

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The Missing Ingredient to Transform Customer Experiences: EMOTION!

When it comes to customer loyalty, it’s all about emotion. In just one short year, Gartner predicts that the average person will have more conversations with bots than their spouse. While chatbots aren’t necessarily “taking over” our business and personal lives, the digital experience has become addictive. Technology has enabled us to automate shopping, use virtual personal assistants to get more accomplished, and turn “voice first” interactions into common experiences. With so many advancements at our fingertips, when your callers interact with a human, they expect it to be a quality interaction.

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Create an "OPT-IN" Culture in Your Marine Dealership

Finding great people is one of the biggest challenges for marine dealerships. In today’s fast-paced business environment, most of us spend the majority of our waking weekday hours at work, so recruiting great talent isn’t just good for business, it’s essential to fueling a positive workplace culture.

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Attributes of Employees Who Delight Callers

At the core of every employee interaction over the phone is the caller’s desire for a great experience. Those experiences are driven by the actions, behaviors, and skill sets of employees on the other side of the phone. Your front-line has the greatest impact on overall caller satisfaction so ensure that you are putting the right employees in the right roles. Anyone who is making and taking phone calls at your dealership should be prepared to handle those calls in a manner that results in a great experience for the caller.

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Design Your Phone Strategy in Front of Your First Touchpoint of Your Caller’s Journey (2 of 2)

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Design Your Phone Strategy in Front of Your First Touchpoint of Your Caller’s Journey (1 of 2)

Missed calls and poor call routing mean more than just a missed opportunity to connect with a customer or prospect. When customers can’t connect with a business, customer churn increases, brand perception decreases, and the overall caller experience is tarnished.

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Answer the Callers Questions

Knowledge is power and it’s Zenith’s holiday gift to you and more importantly a gift for your customers. Please enjoy this marine phone skills training module: Answer the Caller’s Questions.


Training Overview:

The rise of customer expectations and their preference for self-service makes it no surprise that society has gotten more knowledge obsessed. Customers crave it and consume it, yet sales representatives for marine operators don’t always share it. When you are unable or unwilling to answer your caller’s questions, you create a gap in the “wow journey” for your callers. Moments of truth make or break experiences and the moment you have to say, “I don’t know the answer, let me call you back” you risk losing your caller to a competitor and worse, leaving them with a poor impression of your store.


“Today, power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it”
– Dharmesh Shah, Hubspot CTO and Founder


Best Practices:

  1. Callers don’t just want an answer, they also want someone who can provide them with advice. To properly advise a customer you need to ask questions, is your team asking the right ones?
  2. Listening is more important than talking, sales representatives that reduce their talk time to less than 50% are more successful. Does your team “dialog” or just answer questions?
  3. Elevate your questions, customers don’t know what they don’t know so anticipate their needs and ask accordingly.  Does your team seek to understand first, then be understood?
  4. Give customers what they want – consultative information! Salesforce recently published a report, “State of the Connected Customer” that highlighted 79% of buyers said that it’s “critical or very important to have a sales representative that is a trusted advisor.” Are your team members viewed as trusted advisors?

Download a copy of Zenith Dealer Solutions: Answers the Caller’s Questions here. If you like it and want more, hit us up! We are happy to help the marine caller experience. Building a better #CallerCX.



Zenith Dealer Solutions' goal is to ensure every call to a dealership is a positive experience. 

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