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Attributes of Employees Who Delight Callers

At the core of every employee interaction over the phone is the caller’s desire for a great experience. Those experiences are driven by the actions, behaviors, and skill sets of employees on the other side of the phone. Your front-line has the greatest impact on overall caller satisfaction so ensure that you are putting the right employees in the right roles. Anyone who is making and taking phone calls at your dealership should be prepared to handle those calls in a manner that results in a great experience for the caller.

Customers want to interact with employees who demonstrate great character, act as a trusted advisor, and simply care. Employees that care and act upon the feelings of customers at different points along their journey are more likely to win loyalty. According to a joint study conducted by  Customer Think and Walker customers expect companies to know their needs intimately and personalize their experience. Marine Dealerships that can deliver on those expectations will be rewarded with affinity and spend – 63% of customers with positive feelings about a company will remain loyal, while 74% will go a step further and advocate for the brand.

Based on data from listening to millions of phone call interactions with marine dealerships that yielded the most successful outcomes, there are specific employee behaviors and attributes that drive the greatest results. Our infographic highlights the employee attributes that are consistently present when we hear positive customer sentiment and callers that want to come in and look at a boat of interest.Succeed on phone calls

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