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Phone and Web Lead Management

I am a 20 servant to #CallerCX and I am getting more questions today about the phone than ever.  Along with CX, AI make up the hottest topics in the consumer world. The questions I am receiving today are starting to leave the phone and include email as a natural progression towards utilizing Digital Assistants across all mediums, or omnichannel. I embrace this as for years we have trained staff to handle phone leads and web leads differently. Take the nuance of effective communication differences between interpreting written word and spoken word, thee should be no difference. Consider these 5 must-haves in responding to customer inquiries:


  1. Craft a compelling Greeting. If by email, work the customers question into the subject line. If by phone, greet the caller succinctly so they know who you are and understand that you are there to help them. Over 70 percent of both lead responses and voice greetings lack any specifics that convey that were here to help.


  1. Take time to Get Personal If you are handling a sales inquiry, show appreciation. If you are handling a customer service complaint, empathize with the callers / writer. Some of us prefer to jump in to answer questions and solve problems like a dealership superhero, but don’t. Slow down and work at the customers pace. Ask questions to get them talking about what they want in a boat or car and the supporting customer service.


  1. Answer the Customers Questions transparently and with supporting technology, including pricing. Feel free to pull in TrueCar pricing if you’re comfortable with it. I hear dealers screech at this proposal, but after listening to millions of phone calls I’ve ever heard a caller screech by this offer. Its 2018 and suppressing data in email and phone calls only works against dealers. And here is the real key to success, don’t just answer the caller’s questions, dedicate yourself to answering their questions while you have them on the phone. The average sales appointment set rate when you have to call a caller back with answers to their questions drops from 36% to 21%. As for the incorporation of technology in your answers, take a few extra moments when responding to leads and offer a supporting information like a personalized video to ensure the caller understands and accepts all of the details in your answer.


  1. Summarize with Your Dealer and/or Manufacturer Benefit Statements Having followed Steps 1 – 3 above you may already have an appointment set if by phone. If not, and if by email, explore the customers current vehicle or boat. If they are in a different brand, tell your brands benefit statement. If they are a current brand customer, sell your dealership. What sets your team apart from all the other dealers in the area?


  1. Strong Close We get a lot of questions around closing and its impact on great CX. Strong closing is great CX when it comes from a consultant perspective. We hear sales team members with high character ask the helpful question, “What can I do for you to help with your buying process?” And the typical customer answer is “I’m fine at the moment. Thank you.” A consultant continuously guides the next step with data and clarifying questions. This step is easier said than done and is reliant on the sales team members ability to listen and recommend. The caller tells you everything you need to know to move them down the path to buying a boat or a car. To master #CallerCX, focus on great listening skills.

Zenith Dealer Solutions' goal is to ensure every call to a dealership is a positive experience. 

 Hey there, I'm Zeni. I'm the one who listens to millions of calls to boat dealerships. Have a question about a specific phone challenge your store is facing? I've probably heard it and can provide you with answers and best practices. Prefer to speak with a humanoid? Email support@markettechpr.com

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