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Marine Caller Experience Report

Happy CXDay! To help dealers celebrate servicing their customers, Zenith is releasing the Marine Caller Experience Report today.

Great boat ownership experiences begin with great phone call experiences to their dealership. The smartphone has changed boat buyer behavior and leading dealers are adopting the recently released voice recognition technologies to better serve their customers. 

Today's boat buyers have 24/7 access to information allowing them to consider more options in a shorter amount of time. The need to walk onto a lot to learn about a boat has diminished and the willingness to fill out a web form on a smartphone is minimal. Your customers are click-to-calling your store and their service expectations are high. The web has made extraordinary the new ordinary.

Consider the training and dollar investment that you have put into your web experience over the past 10+ years and compare that to your investment in your callers experience. Does your phone process and skills training offer the same level of transparency and use of technology that your web presence does? No matter what customer facing initiative you are focused on there is an element of the phone that goes with it. Zenith Dealer Solutions is committed to making every call about a boat a positive experience.

This issue of the Marine Caller Experience Report walks dealers through the call process from the moment your customer decides to call your store beyond the end of the call to the point where the caller is satisfied and telling friends and family about their experience. Enjoy.


 Hey there, I'm Zeni. I'm the one who listens to millions of calls to boat dealerships. Have a question about a specific phone challenge your store is facing? I've probably heard it and can provide you with answers and best practices. Prefer to speak with a humanoid? Email support@markettechpr.com

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