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ZDS Phone Control Tip: Be Proactive on Status Updates in the Service Department

The sound of the phones ringing can be music to a dealership’s “ears.” However, issues handling high volume of calls to your service department can negatively impact your business and ultimately drive the customer to a competitor not only for service, but for their next RV purchase as well.

You should always keep an eye out on the pattern of calls throughout the day and implement a staffing strategy to effectively handle call spikes which usually occur between 1pm - 4pm. Routing calls during this peak period and having adequate staff is truly a problem for a lot of service departments. Hence, building a proactive “status update” process will significantly improve customer satisfaction and help alleviate call routing and high volume problems.

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The Right Metrics For Measuring Phone Success In Your Dealership

Data can be overwhelming and looking at the wrong data can be disastrous. It’s very important to know which phone metrics require your attention and how those metrics drive profit and culture change at your dealership. Unless you have the right benchmarks in place for comparative purposes, you’re just collecting data. Is your dealership improving performance on the phone? Setting more appointments? Making the confirmation, follow-up and outbound calls they need to make? Are you gathering contact information for CRM, driving CSI up? The metrics you look at can give you valuable insight into what's happening on the phones right now and how you can improve the success you're having on the phones.

Let’s define your “success metrics.” These are “gauges on the dashboard,” that you should constantly review and improve. They are below in red.

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The Key to Customer Satisfaction Is Synchronicity In The Sales and Service Departments

Happy customers become retained customers who stay in your sales cycle. Since customers experience both sides in your dealership, Sales and Service should support one another to improve customer satisfaction. Keep in mind that for every 20 calls to Service, there’s one call to Sales, so New Sales can get started in Service, especially if you’re a dealership taking steps to improve satisfaction and retention.

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Minimize No Shows And Call Back When They Happen

It’s expected that no shows and cancellations happen in the sales industry. You can, however, improve your show rate and have a game plan in place when the customer is not showing up for the appointment. The answer is good training and a strong, measurable phone process.

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The Appointment is Set—Prepare To Wow The Customer in Person, Just Like You Did On The Phone

You’ve handled the call correctly and set an appointment for the customer to see the RV. Now the customer is coming in to the dealership so you know he or she is serious about buying. Don’t throw away the hard work you’ve done so far by not being prepared. The customer is looking for a great, painless, friendly and expeditious experience. Close the deal by being ready to provide that experience. Below are several suggestions to follow before and after that appointment shows up, and even though they seem like common sense approaches, you’d be surprised how these steps are missed by some sales people.

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A Weak Confirmation Call Process Costs Your Dealership Money

In this blog, let’s talk about another call that can improve your bottom line or cost you money. This is the confirmation call. Every inbound call requires and outbound response, we know that. In this case, let’s say the appointment is set on the inbound call. Now, it’s time for the appointment confirmation call.

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Why Do Customers Call the Sales Department?

Crossing the Barrier of Initial Contact—the Phone Call

Before the presentation, before the test drive, and before the sale, the customer must cross the barrier of the the first contact with your dealership. In most cases, this is the phone call. That call is the most desired result of your advertising efforts, and the goal here is to establish good rapport, answer questions, set an appointment, and have the customer show up to the dealership. The inability to do this will undermine the most successful marketing or advertising campaigns.

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Not All Calls Are Created Equally

The Calling Pain Point

I called a dealership three weeks ago because their marketing efforts worked and reached my email inbox. I’m in the market for a Ranger Fisherman 621FS. I was offered a great model with the engine I want, and a low monthly payment. I called and the receptionist told me the sales person I asked for was not available. I left a message saying I’m interested in a Ranger bass boat. "I have an older boat now that I’m thinking of selling, and please have the sales person call me back." I said.

Can you predict the alarm bells going off soon? The sales person never called me back. I left my number, name and a good time to call...Was my call worthless to this person? You know that I called another dealership afterwards. You know that I found someone else to help me. I did not call this person for a status check on a repair. I did not call about a warranty issue. I called and gave a clear indication that I wanted to buy!

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Every Inbound Call Is an Outbound Opportunity

There is an old saying that holds very true in business, “Fortune is in the follow-up.” When it comes to inbound calls to your dealership this could not be said better. Every inbound call is also an outbound call opportunity. It has to be if you are at all serious about maximizing leads, increasing sales, retaining customers, and keeping high CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) scores. Start getting more comfortable with making outbound calls by preparing for them. Learn the reasons that outbound follow up calls are essential in driving traffic to your dealership and valid, proven business practices that should be in everyone’s phone skills toolbox.

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