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Handle Incoming Calls Better By Listening to Your Callers

Answering the incoming calls to your dealership is the first step to providing an excellent customer experience. The way your front line staff, receptionist, or sales people answer the phone depends on your dealership's scripts and guidelines. But the way they interact should be guided by how your callers are greeting them -- a skill that requires some training to perfect.  

Let's examine two examples to see how your dealership can improve phone processes based on how the caller greets your phone agent. 

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5 Ways to Convert More Phone Leads into Appointments at the Dealership

 Knowing how to properly re-engineer your dealership's phone performance can put you a step ahead of the competition. In his transformative business management book, Good to Great, Jim Collins explains the importance of putting people first in your company, and in this case your RV or Marine dealership. Only once you have hired the right people can you move towards focusing on the phone process and tools, phone performance goals, and engaging a BDC or call monitoring partner. Essential to your dealership's success is an understanding and execution of  how to re-engineer your phone performance. 

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Collect The Right Call Data at Your Dealership

Collect the right data to improve customer communication

If you want great interactions with customers at your RV or Marine dealership, collect great data. Any dealership can gather customer information, but collecting the right information and turning it into useful data involves multiple customer contact points, having meaningful conversations, and taking great notes. 

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3 Steps to Improving Connectivity at Your Dealership to Sell More

Improve Connectivity -- The Right People at the Right Time

A high percentage of phone calls coming into dealerships do not reach the intended agent. There are many reasons this could happen, but it's typically because the person that the caller is trying to reach is unavailable. Examining and and improving staffing is a great place to start to increase your connectivity.


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