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Zenith Dealer Solutions Blog

CallerCX R5 Strategy

Boat Sales Department Scheduling for the Phone

Responding to Caller Concerns With Empathy - The Empathy Series (Part 2)

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The Power of Voice

5 MUST HAVE Characteristics to Master Phone Calls

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Create an "OPT-IN" Culture in Your Marine Dealership

Attributes of Employees Who Delight Callers

Three "Must Have" Dealer Phone Skills

Design Your Phone Strategy in Front of Your First Touchpoint of Your Caller’s Journey (2 of 2)

Design Your Phone Strategy in Front of Your First Touchpoint of Your Caller’s Journey (1 of 2)

Selection and Hiring Dealership Employees for the Phone

Let's Try That Again - Missed Phone Opportunities

Answer the Callers Questions

The Callers Experience Begins When they Decide to Call

Phone and Web Lead Management

Marine Caller Experience Report

Marine Dealer Phone Call Readiness

First Call Resolution (FCR) is Resolving a Caller’s Inquiry, Need or Problem on the First Phone Call.

Create Brand Evangelists through Great Phone Calls and Boost Your Customer Lifetime Value

Relationships Start with Connections

Fielding New Sales Opportunities on the Phones

Industry Debate: Local Phone Numbers or Toll Free Phone Numbers

From Smartphone to Showroom—Increase Your Show Rate This Holiday Season

The Common Denominator of Successful Dealerships

Eliminate Multiple Common Calls

Don't Get Eliminated On The Phone Call

Why Text-Enable Your Phone Lines?

The Value Of Mystery Shopping For Dealers

ZDS Phone Control Tip: The Importance Of A Warm Transfer

Greeting Your Dealership's Callers For A Lasting Impression

Reviewing Phone Calls Leads to More Sales and Higher Customer Satisfaction

To Script, Or Not To Script?

The Power Of The Sales Calls Log

Best Methods for Outbound Calling

ZDS Phone Control Tip: Be Proactive on Status Updates in the Service Department

The Right Metrics For Measuring Phone Success In Your Dealership

The Key to Customer Satisfaction Is Synchronicity In The Sales and Service Departments

Minimize No Shows And Call Back When They Happen

The Appointment is Set—Prepare To Wow The Customer in Person, Just Like You Did On The Phone

A Weak Confirmation Call Process Costs Your Dealership Money

Why Do Customers Call the Sales Department?

Not All Calls Are Created Equally

Every Inbound Call Is an Outbound Opportunity

Handle Incoming Calls Better By Listening to Your Callers

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Collect The Right Call Data at Your Dealership

3 Steps to Improving Connectivity at Your Dealership to Sell More

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