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Collect The Right Call Data at Your Dealership


Collect the right data to improve customer communication

If you want great interactions with customers at your RV or Marine dealership, collect great data. Any dealership can gather customer information, but collecting the right information and turning it into useful data involves multiple customer contact points, having meaningful conversations, and taking great notes. 

Multiple communication methods. More is better!

Regardless of whether you're an RV or Marine dealership, multiple contact points and multiple phone numbers increase your ability to follow up with phone prospects. Ideally, you should capture both work and mobile numbers since oftentimes people will call from work and aquiring a mobile number improves your chances of reaching them in the future. If you're able to get a mobile contact number, you should also ask if the customer's preference is to receive calls or texts when following up on their question or appointment confirmation. Local texting laws vary state by state so it's important to adhere to TCPA regulations, but assuming you're able to, text is great opportunity to communicate with customers. Email and physical address are also important contact points to collect from RV and Marine buyers for future follow up.

Data that results in better conversations is most meaningful.

One key data point to gather comes from asking about the callers' current vehicle, be it RV or boat. Once you learn about their current situation you can take the conversation into new directions, develope rapport, and have a more familiar conversation. For example,if a caller says they're looking for a Master Craft you could ask what they currently have. If they say a Tracker Tundra 18 WT, this gives you the opportunity to comment on the change. Saying something like, "Hey, I see you're making a change" could result in a customer response such as, "Well the kids are out of school and we're looking for something with a little more size to take out on the lake." This builds a connection wiith the customer while allowing you to present additional options as well.

Don't just collect data, use it to follow up.

Good notes are essential for customer follow ups. Every inbound call is also an outbound call. Whether an appointment was made or not. An estimated 20% of sales come from following up with leads in CRM. Consider the difference between a note in CRM that says, 'calling about a Master Craft' and one that includes numbers such as, 'wants to put $10,000 down, keep paying under $500/month, 15-year loan, has interest rate of 4% from his or her own bank'. An agent or manager can read those notes in less than 30 seconds and have a much easier call to make because the conversation is more contextual and familiar to the consumer thus, more successful!

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